Body Freedom Friendly (BFF)

Keep PorcFest Free!

Keep PorcFest Free!

Libertarians believe that the minimal requirement for a society to thrive is for people to live according to the Non-Aggression Principle. From this principle, most of us derive our support for markets, private property, freedom of association, free speech, and the diversity that freedom brings.

The Porcupine Freedom Festival is an opportunity to showcase this principle in action and recruit new participants to the Free State Project.

By following this principle, PorcFest has become a fun, enriching, safe, and vibrant festival. There are a hundred thriving communities including nudists, pagans, atheists, gamers, families, artists, queers, intellectuals, singles, kinksters. At PorcFest, we show that libertarianism works.

Body Freedom Village is one such community that provides a welcoming space where people can be themselves and hang out with people who enjoy all kinds of freedoms. In particular, it promotes body freedoms, including radical expression (e.g., dressing or not dressing as you wish), transhumanism (e.g., modifying your body as you wish), medical freedoms (e.g., whether or not to take a vaccine or continue a pregnancy). For more info on why body freedom activism is important for liberty, check out the FAQs. Being Body Freedom Friendly (BFF) means that you agree with the following themes:

  • You own your body
  • You don’t need permission to exist
  • The human body should not be feared
  • Nude is not the same as sexual
  • Self-expression ≫ Mindless Conformity
  • Social nudism is healthy, fun, and liberating

Over the years, however, there have been some attendees that were outraged by the peaceful behavior of others (i.e., gay parties, trans people, nudists), and complained to the organizers or threatened attendees. This has put pressure on the organizers to compromise on our ideals, by establishing rules that ostensibly make the festival more palatable to a more mainstream audience.

We believe in keeping PorcFest radically libertarian, to show that libertarianism works, and to attract true liberty lovers to the Free State.

Here is how you can help:

  • Post a Body Freedom Friendly (BFF) sign or carry a flag
  • Patron and thank BFF sites!
  • Participate in events at Body Freedom Village
  • Ignore Maj’s talks, who vowed to assault drag queens

Thank you for being body freedom friendly and helping to keep PorcFest free!

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